Pteris grandifolia L.
Family: Pteridaceae
Pteris grandifolia image
Enrique Moreno & David Roubik  
L., Sp. Pl. 1073. 1753 Terrestrial, 1-5 m tall; rhizome stout, to 1.5 cm diam, long-creeping; rhizome scales dense, appressed, light reddish-brown, thin, +/- entire, extending onto base of petiole. Leaves 1-pinnate; petioles very stout, about as long as blades, deeply canaliculate; rachis light-colored; leaflets simple, oblong-linear, acuminate, obtuse to acute at base, entire and minutely undulate and hyaline on margin, glabrate to minutely arachnoid-pubescent beneath; veins anastomosing in apical half. Sori borne along much of the margins; indusium narrow. Kenoyer 50, Shattuck 1169.