Polypodium polypodioides L.
Family: Polypodiaceae
Polypodium polypodioides image
Enrique Moreno & David Roubik  
Small epiphyte with creeping rhizome; rhizome scales linear-lanceolate, the margins ciliate; petiole bases well spaced. Leaves simple, deeply pinnatifid, divided nearly to midrib; petioles mostly 2-5 cm long; petioles and underside of blades with dense, lanceolate to round, peltate, reddish-brown scales, their margins scarious and lacerate; blades oblong, thick, narrowest at apex, truncate at base, 3-8 cm long, 1-2.5 cm wide, the lobes ca 2 mm wide, the midrib densely scaly on upper surface. Sori round, in a row along margins of lobes, nearly contiguous. Croat 5547.