Calathea villosa (Lodd.) Lindl.
Family: Marantaceae
Calathea villosa image
Moderately pubescent, acaulescent herb, to 80 cm tall; roots with tubers. Petioles 1.5-6 cm long; blades oblong-elliptic to obovate, short-acuminate, obtuse at base, 15-60 cm long, 8-15 cm wide, pubescent on upper surface, with 5-7 dark-green markings equally spaced on blade between margin and midrib. Inflorescences on leafless scape usually overtopping leaves; bracts 4-7, 2-ranked, not imbricate, 2-3 cm long; flowers yellow, autogamous, 3.5-4 cm long. Fruits not studied. Croat 10913. Cultivated at the Laboratory Clearing. Flowers during the rainy season, beginning about July.