Polypodium percussum Cav.
Family: Polypodiaceae
Polypodium percussum image
Enrique Moreno & David Roubik  
Epiphyte; rhizome creeping, with elongate internodes; rhizome scales peltate, lanceolate or round, reddishbrown; petiole bases well spaced on rhizome. Leaves simple, sparsely covered with round or lanceolate, reddish-brown scales, especially beneath; petioles mostly 1-4 cm long; blades oblong-lanceolate, long-acuminate, tapered to a narrowly acute base, 10-22 cm long, 1.5-3 cm wide, moderately thick, sometimes curled inward and lengthwise during the dry season. Sori round, large, in 2 rows, 1 on each side of midrib of leaf. Croat 5494.