Dataset: Harvard
Taxa: Lobeliaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Harvard University Herbaria

Lobelia gryllorum E. Wimmer
barcode-00033302E. P. Killip & A. C. Smith   195671927-02-19
Colombia, Norte de Santander, Paramo de Santurban, en route from Tona to Mutiscua, alt. 4200-4500 m

Lobelia cacuminis Britton & P. Wilson Britton & P. Wilson
barcode-00033297Bro. León   108621922-07-00
Cuba, Oriente, On the summit of Turquino Peak, Sierra Maestra, 2000m

barcode-00033289H. von Türckheim   II 15521908-05-00
Guatemala, Baja Verapaz, Bei Santa Rosa, 1600m

Lobelia oxyphylla Urban Urban
barcode-00033300J. A. Shafer-1   80391910-12-24
Cuba, Oriente, Camp La Gloria, south of Sierra Moa, north of Rio Jaguani, "monte mala"

Lobelia calcarata Bertoloni Bertoloni
barcode-00033310J. Donn. Smith   19251890-02-00
Guatemala, Guatemala, Pinula, alt. 4200 feet, 1280m

Lobelia fasciculata Donnell Smith Donnell Smith
barcode-00033275C. Seler & E. G. Seler   30221896-09-11
Guatemala, Huehuetenango, Llanos auf d. Kamm d. Cordillere zw. Tod. l. Santos und Chiantla, u. am Abhang der Cordillere, 3000m

Lobelia parvidentata L. O. Williams L. O. Williams
barcode-00286781E. D. Merrill, L. O. Williams, & Ant. Molina   156631949-02-22
Honduras, Mountains above San Juancito, 2000m

Lobelia gardneriana foliosa Zahlbruckner
barcode-00033301E. Hassler   81031901-12-00
Paraguay, In regione cursus suerioris fluminis Apa

Lobelia hassleri Zahlbruckner
barcode-00033303E. Hassler   89701905-02-00
Paraguay, Caaguazú, In viciniis Caaguazú

Lobelia rupincola Bertero
barcode-00033304C. G. Bertero   14721830-03-00
Chile, Juan Fernandez Islands

barcode-00078337E. Werdermann   5721924-12-00
Chile, Curicó, Hacienda Monte Grande, 600m

Page 1, records 1-11 of 11

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