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Taxa: Mangifera indica
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United States National Herbarium

USw20125.2760558M. Acosta Solis   11975
Ecuador, Guayas, Barraganetal

3567912.104P. M. Peterson   65011989-01-31
Panama, Bocas Del Toro, NE side of island, Lime Point.

3567989.104P. M. Peterson & C. R. Annable   65331989-02-01
Panama, Bocas Del Toro, 3-5 km NE of town along road towards La Gruta.

3597099.104P. M. Peterson & C. R. Annable   70301989-02-23
Panama, Bocas Del Toro, Approximately 3.5 km S of Tiger Key on the mainland. UTM 1,014,500 m N; 362,800 m E., 100m

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala - Herbario UVAL

UVAL009623D. Martínez   1996-03-30
Guatemala, Santa Rosa, Taxisco, Monterrico, Km. 97, 14.0697892 -90.4644991

UVAL011539A. V. Cuéllar   2001-04-12
Guatemala, Baja Verapaz, Salamá, Finca San Antonio, km 143, Salamá, 15.1023678 -90.3165765

UVAL005245E. Toledo   ET-02-961996-02-17
Guatemala, Zacapa, Río Hondo, Cuenca El Montillo, Jones, Río Hondo, 15.0433336 -89.5849997

UVAL022026Ana Isabel Garcia   2019-11-27
Guatemala, Guatemala, Izabal, Los Zapatillos, Livingston, Izabal, 15.83 -89.39, 81m

UVAL019559S. Secaira   2014-01-22
Guatemala, Escuintla, Palín, Finca El Chilar, Palín, 14.391336 -90.700289, - 800m

UVAL019814L. M. Cortez Véliz   2017-11-06
Guatemala, Izabal, Morales, San Isidro el Choco, Morales, 15.318126 -88.852472, - 70m

UVAL017888M. Hitziger   Ma-2352014-02-21
Guatemala, Chimaltenango, San Pedro Yepocapa, La Cruz, Yepocapa, 14.467246 -90.974157, - 1575m

UVAL018447Hugo Axché   Hugo-2592015-03-03
Guatemala, Petén, La Libertad, Sagrado Corazón, La Libertad, 16.8167 -90.1333, - 135m

Page 5, records 401-412 of 412

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